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More about injuries


Shoulder injuries happen mostly in sports where there is repetitive motion. Baseball, tennis, and even volleyball, are prone to these types of injuries. Treating shoulder injuries at home requires REST. Avoid overexertion of the shoulder, apply ice, and most importantly, have it checked by your doctor to avoid further injuries!


Sports that involve a lot of throwing, or swinging motions are risks for elbow injuries. Although most of them are overuse injuries, elbows are still prone to sprains and strains. Mostly rest and ice keeps the job done, but it’s still best to check with a doctor.


The knee, which is the body’s largest joint is the most susceptible to injuries in sports. Sprains, tears, dislocations, are a possibility when the athlete forgoes practicing or perfecting technique and form. For sports with a lot of jumping actions, try to focus on landing on both feet.


Shin splints are overuse injuries. They occur over time, with repeated use. Shin injuries happen when the athlete always partakes on high intensity training, have bad running form, or wear improper footwear when running. Changing their habits, and promoting good form is a way to lessen shin injuries.


All athletes are prone to having an ankle injury at least once in their sports career. One may strain, sprain, or fracture their ankle. Fortunately, some strains and sprains are treatable with over the counter medicines and ice. For more extreme injuries, a cast, or physical therapy might be required.

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